7 Party Themes That are Boring Your Guests to Death

Here’s how to be a walking cliché: host a party with a theme that has been done to death. If you have ever received an invite to a corporate event and inwardly sighed at the theme, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Especially if it’s the fifth one you’ve attended. 

On the one hand, you’ve already got the costume: no need to spend money on hiring an outfit or wasting time finding the one. But at the same time, your Instagram feed will most likely look the same.

Don’t be that business who brags about being innovative and original but ends up hosting the type of recycled theme party that everyone has attended at least twice. Here’s our 7 party themes that are boring your guests to death:

Masquerade Ball:

While it has all the elements to make a great party (extravagant, mood lighting, and decadence) it’s just too much effort on part of your guests. While the mask won’t be too difficult to find, it absolutely must be paired with an OTT, full-skirted ballgown – think silk, taffeta and velvet. Guests may find it difficult to move around in such big dresses.

Harry Potter/LOTR:

You might be a huge fan, but it doesn’t mean your guests will be. For those that aren’t familiar with Middle Earth or Hogwarts means they’ll have to binge the entire collection for inspiration. Too much effort, too little time. You shall pass on this one.

Zombie Bash:

While expected in the last week of October, there’s no other acceptable time to throw this theme. Everyone will be wearing ripped clothes and donning the fake blood capsules: there’s no variety in the costumes.

CEOs and Secretaries (or similar):

Inherently sexist and played out beyond belief, a theme like CEOs and Secretaries is potentially asking for trouble. Do you really think the lads will want to put on a three-piece suit after a day in the office wearing a tie and stuffy outfit? And do you really think ladies would want to squeeze into a ten-inch skirt and three-inch heels?

Speakeasy Party aka. the Great Gatsby:

We admit – this party theme was great before the Great Gatsby appeared on the silver screen. But now it’s worn and unoriginal. While the headpieces no doubt look gorgeous, they’ll be the reason for the headaches on the night.


Sure, the music and movies were epic, but as for the clothes? Thin chain belts? Bucket hats? Double denim? No thanks.

Ugly Sweater Party:

A snuggly, woollen jumper in blistering 38-degree heat in Australia? No thanks. People will be passing on the invite or passing out at the party. And you don’t want either of those things to happen. An Ugly T-shirt theme on the other hand might be a novel idea…

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