6 mistakes a host should never make

When you’re in charge of hosting an event – whether at corporate level or you’re planning your own birthday party – there’s a lot of pressure to ensure the day goes off without a hitch. For some of us born to entertain, a party is second nature. 

However, for the rest of us, it can seem very daunting. While most people will be quick to tell you all the things you have to do to host a successful party (“a bottomless cup; delicious food; an inviting home/space”), they don’t tell you the things you shouldn’t be doing. These kinds of mistakes can turn a party from fun to frightening at the snap of the fingers.

Here are 6 party blunders a host should never make:

  1. Forget RSVPs: This may sound obvious, but for a lot of hosts, they forget to add an RSVP request. Whether they assume they’ll get a verbal agreement before the event or they expect everyone they’ve invited will attend, it’s a recipe for disaster when you don’t have final numbers. Don’t forget that some guests will feel like they can bring a +1 if it’s not explicitly stated on the invite. Get the RSVPs in writing so you can look back on it for reference.
  2. Lose track of time: The biggest secret to a successful party is making sure everything flows, from before the event starts right through to the end. This means not sending out an invite too early, or too late. You’ll also need to ensure your event runs on time – don’t serve desserts at the last minute or too close to the main meal.
  3. Lose your cool: Whatever you do, don’t lose your cool. Sometimes the inevitable can happen (such as the caterer doesn’t arrive on time… or at all). There might not be enough seats, or food, or the air con broke in the middle of summer. It’s important to stay calm, as your guests will pick up on your vibes and they will feel uncomfortable.  
  4. Not having enough: The worst thing a host can do is not have enough. This isn’t limited to food and drink. This also means plates, cutlery, and even party favours (if you’re handing them out.) It’s always safer to have “too much” of everything.
  5. Be insensitive: Being mindful of your guests’ customs and diets are equally important. You don’t want to only have meat options when you have vegan/vegetarian friends. Similarly, some foods cannot be co-mingled or contain peanuts. On the invitation, ask your guests if they have any customary or allergy restrictions.
  6. Forgetting to socialise: Last but not least, it’s practically a crime to not enjoy the party you’re hosting. Being the initial icebreaker amongst strangers is enough to get your face in there and out of the kitchen.

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