The Benefits of Hiring A Wedding Planner

Roll Up Your Sleeves
You don’t know how hands-on planning a wedding is until you experience it first-hand! It is a time-consuming venture that can and will dominate your life no later than 6 months prior to the day. The vendors you deal with for your wedding will likely operate during regular work hours so, if you work full time it can become a very unproductive game of phone tag. A wedding planner will work for you during the day and will be available to take calls for you. Many brides who underestimate how full-on wedding planning can be often have to take leave from their day jobs in order to fit in the preparation of every little detail for their ceremony and reception. If your life is already scheduled pretty tightly, employing a wedding planner will enable you to continue with your life without too many drastic changes to your lifestyle.

Taking Care of the Menial Details
All wedding tasks aren’t as fun as they seem. Yes, it’s fun and delicious to sit down to a cake tasting with your significant other or exciting to think about dressing your bridal party, you may even love the idea of roaming the aisles of your local department store selecting items for your gift registry but some responsibilities are just BLAND! Many people forget there is administration and financial tasks surrounding a wedding and these are often the ones that send brides and grooms absolutely bonkers! Imagine planning a seating chart for over 100 people, or cross-checking dietary requirements for your guests. How about organising transport and accommodation for your interstate guests? BORING! Contrary to the belief of many, a wedding planner won’t “take over” your big day — they are there to ease your stress and let you focus on the fun things, while taking care of the menial tasks in the background.

This ‘Aint Their First Rodeo, but it is Yours!
Wedding planners DO THIS FOR A LIVING. And, if you choose one from the area in which you plan on getting married, they will know far better than you who to trust and who not to when it comes to booking each component of the big day. They have the industry knowledge and expertise to help you put together a celebration that fits your needs, desires and, most importantly, your budget. They will be able to advise you on what is and isn’t possible and will do their best to make your wedding as close to your dream day as possible.