When Do I Send Out My Invitations? Part 3

We’ve covered most of the wedding events now; however, there are still a couple left that are often left to the last minute or forgotten completely.

Bucks Night / Hens Party
These events can vary drastically in terms of the activities and duration. The boys might take a trip, while the ladies stay in and have an old fashioned girlie sleepover; or the women may go all out and make a weekend of it, while the men do a classic steak dinner and a night on the booze.

Who gets one?
Much like the bridal shower, everyone invited to the bucks or hens should also be invited to the wedding but it’s at your discretion which of the guests you choose to attend the “last hurrah” as a single man or woman.

When should they go out?
You need to tailor your invitation send time to the style of the event. For a full weekend bonanza, allow your guests more time. This is a more informal event so is often organised through technology: Facebook, email or over the phone.

Rehearsal Dinner
There will usually be a rehearsal of the ceremony at the wedding venue prior to the big day and the rehearsal dinner usually takes place the night before the wedding. It is an opportunity for the bride and groom to thank those who have contributed their time over the course of the planning period and, of course, for the bridal party to toast the bride and groom.

Who gets one?
The rehearsal dinner is for the bridal party, immediate family and ceremony participants only. This often includes the celebrant. Spouses or wedding dates can also sometimes be invited, as can interstate and international guests as a gesture of thanks for their generosity in flying all the way for the wedding.

When should they go out?
These invitations should go out three to six weeks prior to the date.

Thank You Cards
It is considered courteous to send each of your guests a Thank You Card for attending your wedding, particularly if they went to the trouble to purchase you a gift.

Who gets one?
Many newlyweds only send notes to those who gave a gift; however, weddings are an expensive occasion for all involved, even if not directly. It is a nice gesture to send a card to each of your attendees for joining in your celebration. Your list should include anyone who has given or sent a gift over the course of your engagement, for the wedding or in the aftermath of the big event. It should also include those who attended from interstate or overseas and, if you’re not overloaded already, even those who attended your wedding locally.

When should they go out?
As soon as possible is always best. Generally, sending thank you notes within two or three weeks of the event is acceptable but, if you are off on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding, the expected time is often extended out a far as three months after the big day.