Hollywood’s Most Scandalous Parties

Celebrity parties are in a league of their own. Nowadays, it’s all yacht parties in St Tropez, villas in Cabo and hiring out nightclubs in Vegas. As amazing as it is to be kept in the loop through Instagram, we can’t help but feel we’re missing out on the old-school, raucous parties that these musical heroes and Hollywood starlets used to throw, way back when.

If only the walls of the famous Studio 54 could talk…

We reckon we could all learn a thing or two about throwing a party from these legendary celeb bashes, so keep scrolling for some out of this world partying. Whether you’re looking for the wildest corporate function entertainment ideas or need inspiration for bat mitzvah party entertainment, let’s take a little trip down memory lane and get some food for thought. Freddie Mercury style.

Elton John’s 50th Birthday Bash

No list about extraordinary, over-the-top soirées would be complete without Elton John and that’s a fact. Back in 1997 Elton turned 50 and what a birthday bash it was. As flamboyant as ever, the famous piano man took to his own party dressed as Louis XIV, complete with a wig so ginormous that apparently the only way that he could be transported to the party was via a moving truck. Not just any truck though, it held a bespoke golden and velvet throne, of course.

Add a guest list of 500 famous celebrities and there you have one of the most famous celebrations of all time.

The Playboy Roller Disco & Pyjama Party

Yup, you got it. I wasn’t just a roller disco party, no. It wasn’t just a pyjama party either – it was both, and it really did happen at the Playboy Mansion. Where else could you expect to find a bunch of girls rolling around in well, next to nothing. Founder Hugh Hefner and his bunnies had long been a magnet for the wealthy and celebs galore. By 1979, Playboy was at its height in popularity, so naturally, Hugh decided to host a Playboy Roller Disco & Pajama Party.

The craziest part? It was televised as an ABC special and hosted by Family Feud’s Richard Dawson! Yep, you’re reading this correctly. Watch it for cameos from The Village People, lots of scantily clad girls, and some cringeworthy one-liners. Oh, those were the days.

Freddie Mercury’s ‘Black and White Drag Ball’

Well, we saved the best until last. The King of partying Freddie held the flashiest of all birthday bashes for his 39th birthday party. Age was but a number for the lead singer of Queen, which is why this birthday ball has truly gone down in rock history as one of as one of the most raucous parties in the world. If there was a word more flamboyant than flamboyant, that’s what we’d use to describe this.

Inviting a couple of hundred celebs and friends to the Henderson club in Germany, Freddie insisted every single guest turn up in black and white drag. Everyone. Freddie himself? He dressed up as none other than Freddie Mercury. Who else better! Adorned in a diamond patterned Harlequin suit and his favourite Adidas shoes, the party was as fun and fabulous as you’d expect from Freddie Mercury.

Although we can’t promise a celebrity guestlist or a half-naked rockstar, we can bring your wildest ideas and party themes to life. Our team of event coordinators can work with you to come up with corporate function entertainment ideas, bat mitzvah party entertainment, 21st birthday parties and everything in between.

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