4 Hens Party Ideas That Will Make Your Night

So, you – or someone very close to you – is tying the knot! Congratulations on that, but now the pressure is on the bride’s inner circle to put together the ultimate in bachelorette experiences. The Hens Night has blossomed as a cultural institution, with an increasing emphasis on daring, sexually charged, and often intoxicating experiences. Well, there may not be a better time to try something special and naughty if you’re so inclined, and Melbourne’s Best Functions makes no judgements if you do!

Our hens night activities can cater to your every taste, whether you want your party to be sensual or simply fun. Here are some of our most popular and crowd-pleasing options you can use to treat your girls:

Champagne Tasting
Delicious flutes of bubbly always show up somewhere on a great hens night. It is a celebration, after all! With this activity on your itinerary – and it’s a great opener before dinner – you can take your champagne experience to new heights. Have a champagne expert serve you samples from the finest vintners of France, all while educating you on the special history of the wine you’re drinking. Is it possible to enjoy bubbly even more? It’s time to find out.

Puppetry of the Penis
Strippers are already a staple of hens nights, and a bit of erotic fun is part of the tradition, in line with the marriage being celebrated. Since you get precious few occasions where it is so acceptable to try out something like this in a group, so why not go one better with this legendary Australian performance? Not only will you get to see some of the classiest male performers get their tackle out, but you’ll be bugging your eyes out when you see what they can do with it! Book these private shows at any of our fabulous locations.

Perfume Making
Hens nights are a great chance to try out unusual activities which seem exciting but are just too unusual to be considered on an average Friday night. Traveling perfumer’s workshops can be booked for your hens party, providing you the chance to learn about and mix your favourite scents and create a very personal fragrance. You can even get it bottled to use on your wedding day!

Life Drawing Class
Taking the sophisticated route to sensual mischief, this activity brings one of the other refined ways to “experience the human form” into your hens night. Where a strip show is all tease and sizzle, in-your-face titillation, nude drawing gives you and your hens a chance to talk, laugh, and take a good long look at your subject. Art skills are completely optional, but you might find it easier than you think when you have something interesting to draw…