Melbourne’s Best 30th Birthday Ideas

Trying to plan a memorable and fun 30th birthday celebration is no straightforward task. Unlike a Christmas party there’s no clear theme to run with, and no grand tradition to fall back on as there is when planning weddings or engagement parties. As a deeply personal celebration, the answer to “what makes for a great 30th birthday party” is heavily dependent on the special individual in question, but there are some standbys which always make for at least a good place to start.

Masquerade Mixer
So, let’s say you’re planning a 30th celebration for a real social butterfly. The birthday beau has several large circles of friends, gathered along their road to this milestone; and as a celebration of their life so far this party has to incorporate all of them. You need to ensure the event has a touch of class, a bit of the theatric to make it special, and find a way to encourage the different cliques present to mingle and chat instead of just lurking in separate corners.

Our solution? A modern masque ball – dancing optional – held in an appropriately rich setting, can create an occasion out of nothing and shatters the ice between strangers like nothing else. With drinks passing around as freely as elegantly disguised guests, it’s an easy theme to pull off and works wonders for a larger party. The most essential prop here is the venue; MBFs Baroq House is an unbeatable setting, and right in the CBD.

Cocktails and Pampering at the Penthouse
If the guest of honour is looking for a more reserved, inwards-focused event, then consider what a treat it could be to gift them an afternoon or evening of luxury, all about them. This idea hinges on making the birthday person feel as special as can be, although the other guests will no doubt enjoy basking in their glow. Book out a luxury penthouse suite whose glass walls offer you the royal view of Melbourne’s skyline, and lounge on soft divans as staff bring the party cocktails and canapes. Add in a stylist or two for some 3-hour makeovers and the unforgettable experience will be complete.

Private Luxury Club Experience
Some of us feel as though 30, while worth celebrating, is just a number; a bigger number just means a bigger celebration than before! Treat the young at heart and dance machines with a night of private clubbing, but give it a touch of maturity and class by booking out a true prestige venue, such as Melbourne’s own Bond. The guests will be captivated by the glamour and comfort offered, while the bar and dance floor will keep everyone entertained well into the night – just as the guest of honour would like it.