Creative ways to reveal your babys gender at a Baby Shower

It’s often one of the most contentious decisions a couple can make during their pregnancy, to know, or not to know? There is no doubt knowing your baby’s gender can help settle a lot of debates and logistical problems, not to mention avoid all the bets and guessing that go on. If you’ve decided to find out and want to share the feeling of anticipation and surprise with your loved ones, here are a few fun and creative ways to execute a grand reveal. 

This one takes the cake!
If you’re handy in the kitchen, whip up a delicious sponge and add to the batter a few drops of pink or blue dye. Frost it with a plain cream cheese icing or chocolate and decorate to your taste. When desert time rolls around, you can either start a drum roll for a dramatic cake cut, or if you’re not one for attention, slyly cut the cake and let your guests slowly catch on!

Pass the parcel
A fun pass the parcel game is a fun way to amp up the anticipation, with the main present being either a gender specific gift or an envelope with the sex in it for the lucky winner to announce. For an extra bit of fun alternate each later with girl and boy trinkets to keep them guessing until the very end!

Gender Piñata
Everybody loves a good piñata so why not fill one up with colour specific goodies? Just make sure it’s not too sturdy, you don’t want your bride over exerting herself and revealing her waters to the party! 

Coloured smoke bomb
Letting off a coloured smoke bomb adds a festive vibe and a huge burst of colour to your baby shower. Just make sure you let it off outside, and if you’ve hired out a venue ask for permission. This is a fun and out of the box way to let the world, or at least your friends know if you’re expecting a little boy or girl.

Gender Bon Bons for a reveal with a bang!
Get crafty and make your own baby shower bon bons. Add a delicious little treat inside and make your own party hats from pink or blue crepe paper, so everyone can get in on the fun after you reveal the gender with a bang.

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