Are baby showers for first babies only?

Having a child is a daunting prospect, no matter if it’s your first, second or fourth. Each child comes with it a new set of scary questions, a bright new future and a big change in your family dynamics and life. The question of whether baby showers are expected for every child has been knocking around for a while and in general there is no hard and fast rule. While traditionally baby showers were only thrown for the first child, these days it’s not only common, but often expected that each child receives a baby shower. Here are a few key things to take into consideration for throwing baby showers for second, third or fourth children.

Is it a different sex?
One of the main motivations for a baby shower is to provide the expectant family with the things they’ll need for their new baby including cots, soft toys, dummies, bottle sanitisers, breast pumps, nappy bags, the list goes on and on. It’s expensive getting prepared for a child, but it’s usually expected that after the first one you’re set for the second, right? Well not if you know the sex of your baby and it’s different from your first child. In this case a baby shower can be called for to top up on gender specific clothes, blankets, toys etc, but the big items can usually be skipped.

Extended age gaps between children
Many families end up with large gaps between pregnancies for a variety of reasons. Be it career, fertility troubles, second marriages or an unexpected pregnancy later in life, these large gaps usually mean the original baby paraphernalia has been long ago donated to charity or hard rubbish. These pregnancies can be a huge cause for celebration especially if it’s been a hard journey to fall pregnant again, and are well deserving of a baby shower.

Not all baby showers are equal
First baby showers can be a particularly big occasion, however many mothers may prefer a much more low key affair for subsequent baby showers. If the mother has requested no gifts or big events, consider a small high tea or ladies brunch. Many families also now opt for less traditional, all sexes celebrations such as a family barbeque or beach day to celebrate the new addition to the family, rather than the introduction to motherhood.

No matter what, a new child is always a cause for celebration. For some great ideas for baby showers why not take a look at our baby shower event services.