What does your venue say about you?

We’ve all been to one of those events where we just think ‘wow, I would never have my event here, but it’s so… (enter hosts name)’. What is it that makes an empty warehouse the dream wedding for one person and the ultimate nightmare for another? Where you choose to host your event, be it a wedding, birthday, corporate launch or hens day speaks volume about you, your personality and your values. So, what does your venue say about you?

The Private Mansion
If you could go back in time it would be to the 1920’s, living it up great Gatsby style in the ultimate opulence. Class is key and everything from the luxe finishing to the antique furniture, imported textiles, magnificent chandeliers and branded silverware oozes wealth. You like polish and finesse, take great pride in your appearance and will always opt for a glamorous night drinking champagne rubbing shoulders with social elite than a low-key night at the local pub. You dress to impress and want to give your guests that wow factor. 

Converted Warehouse
You’ve got a taste for the arts and appreciate the beauty of simplicity. Being highly creative you prefer to put your own touch on your venue and enjoy curating an events theme. You’re always on trend be it fashion, music or art and you’re Instagram is either fast approaching, or well beyond influencer status. You’re always in the know when it comes to what’s hot in hospitality and you’ll have sussed the latest craze for your catering whether it be food trucks, Michelin star bento boxes or a guest celebrity chef. You know how to network and your event wrap up will read as a who’s who of industry elite.

Rooftop Garden Party
You’re in it for the good times, and the first thing on your event to do list is always to create a killer cocktail list. You like things light and bright and can bring a summer vibe to any event. You’re relaxed but organised and believe in no fuss luxury. You believe in quality over quantity and your main priority is your guests experience. You are a free spirit and enjoy beautiful views and fresh, open spaces, both as interior style and for outside vistas. You’re bring the perfect balance between fun, cheeky and classy and your events are meticulously planned to be as relaxed as possible.

What venue are you? If you’re looking for a venue and could relate to The Private Mansion, have a look at Baroqhouse, or if the Rooftop Garden Party spoke to you explore Mon Bijou for the ultimate in relaxed luxury.