How to Make Sure You Have the Ultimate Engagement Party

So, you’ve just agreed to finally tie the knot with your beloved – congratulations on the milestone! And of course, the next thing to cross your mind is the amount of work and organising you just signed up for between now and your wedding day. It can be trying to deal with the frustration and pressure of trying to organise several traditional and highly scrutinised events, all within months of each other, and so Melbourne’s Best Functions have decided to help with some vital advice on how you can put yours together – starting with the ultimate engagement party!

Show off your ring while it’s still fresh
One of the subtle points which can have a surprisingly large effect on how your engagement party is received is how long you wait after the actual engagement to hold it. While nobody would suggest you need to rush out the day after the proposal to throw a dinner for family and friends, MBF would definitely recommend not waiting too long into your engagement to hold this event.

Part of what separates the engagement party from the respectful, scripted occasion of your wedding day is the fresh excitement and emotional energy surrounding your partnership. Waiting for weeks or months until the two of you being promised to each other is old news will rob the event of its true spirit, so try and find a time and place ASAP – using professional venues and events specialists can help you organise an extravagant night faster.

Consider contrasting with your wedding plans
We won’t assume that every engaged couple have already started planning their wedding day, but if you have thought about that event then you understand you can’t fit in everything you want to do with the occasion. You might only get one wedding, but you can use your engagement party to offer a counterpoint to whatever type of event you have planned for the big day.

If your wedding is going to be an elaborate, traditional affair, with ceremony and hundreds of guests, have an engagement dinner with informal stylings, a night of joyful partying with friends. If your wedding is going to be private and profound set against nature, an engagement night of high fashion and champagne at Melbourne’s famous Baroq House could give your acquaintances a chance to celebrate the marriage with you.

Don’t take it all on yourself
Weddings have a reputation for sucking you into the planning and the minutiae of the occasion so much that you struggle to enjoy the celebration. This can be unavoidable considering the pressure on the marrying couple to take responsibility for guiding every part of their wedding, but take the chance to cut loose of expectation and enjoy your engagement party. All you have to do is delegate the organisation of catering, music, and other fine details to a professional firm. You can keep oversight of the key themes while not having to sweat the small stuff.