Make Mine Magic: Awesome Birthday Themes for 2017

We’ve all enjoyed a fun and wild birthday celebration or two in our time; they represent the peak of many people’s halcyon days. But as we get older, just throwing a birthday party becomes a little passe, a little boring. If guests are going to just stand around, chat, and sip drinks, then it barely seems worth putting an event together at all. But it is possible to recapture the energy and joy of the birthday celebration, such as for big milestone years; all you need to do is to spruce your party up with a theme.

Half of the magic of a themed birthday party is in the idea, and the other 50% is in the planning. Picking the right venue for your theme is paramount; Melbourne’s Best Functions offer a versatile selection of event spaces which between them can cater to any theme you wish. Professional service and cooperative staff are huge assets in putting together the theme; make sure you speak to the management of your chosen venue early to give them time to prepare.

Casino Royale
The best birthday themes always follow a simple formula: they give guests a chance to do a bit of dressing up without going too far, and they naturally play to things people already like to do at parties. In this case, a casino party allows for all the drinking and gambling one could possibly want, while extending the theme to “Las Vegas” opens the door for a huge range of dress-up pageantry and perhaps more risque entertainment. With an easy to enforce style and cool tie-in activities (hire a blackjack dealer or roulette wheel for the evening and watch it draw guests’ attention), this theme makes sure the house always wins.

A Day On The Green
For those with golf-mad birthday mates – and who doesn’t have a few of those – there is no question as to the appeal or effectiveness of this theme. A careful combination of bunting, sand and astroturf transforms any function room into the Birthday Links, with the best clubhouse bar your guests have ever seen. Edible golf ball foods, “caddies” bringing around a selection of wines and beers, even a TV somewhere playing Caddyshack or Happy Gilmore – this is one party where you don’t need to struggle for in-theme ideas. An actual putting green or driving net is the finishing touch, if hard to arrange for some venues.

Food is already the highlight of many parties; why not just go ahead and make it your focus? If you and your guests are fine connoisseurs of food and wine, you can make their day with degustation-style catering and a wine tasting to finish things off. Call in the chefs and spare no expense in delivering partygoers a tastebud tour of Melbourne’s best dining experiences – all in some of it’s most fabulous function rooms.