The Wedding Day To-Do List: What Most Brides Forget

The day of someone’s wedding is the happiest, most special, and most important of their life, we are told. While that may be true for many, it is also one of the most frantic and busy. Weddings are usually massive, elaborate events, and so many small traditions and considerations must be taken into account to ensure you have the desired “perfect day” that it’s almost inconveivable for one person to keep track of and account for them all. Melbourne’s Best Functions have seen many a bride try heroically to both run their special day and enjoy it while remembering everything; this list is our helping hand to those with weddings yet to come, that you might meet a happier fate.

Lay out a guestbook
As with many wedding traditions, there are a million ways to set up a guestbook, some traditional and others more experimental. Either way, leaving guests some way to record their attendance, creating a sort of album for you and your partner to reminisce over later, is a very good idea.

Organise vendor meals
Most of us are able to get a firm grasp over our guest list by the time the wedding rolls around, but it’s easy to forget that a well-mannered couple should also provide for the vendors and servicepeople improving their wedding day. Make sure they are organised in advanced and registered with catering, especially if the vendor is not associated with the venue already.

Bring comfy backup shoes
No, nothing will replace your beautiful bridal shoes for the ceremony itself, or even the first dance. But at some point, if your feet get tired, you will thank the heavens you had the foresight to pack something else a bit less ambitious.

Have spare invitations for photography
It’s standard practice among most wedding photographers to open their eventual wedding tribute with a fanciful arrangement of the beautiful invitations, cards and other stationary printed for the wedding. To ensure that the effort you put into these items is commemorated and your album has a distinctive opening shot, remember to put aside a set of invites for the purpose.

Know who’s handling clean-up
With any luck you’ll still be riding high on wedding day vibes well into the next morning, but unfortunately it’s common amongst wedding venues to require your effects to be removed the same day, or very early on the next. We wouldn’t suggest disrupting your newfound marital bliss with these efforts, but you should make sure you’ve appointed one or more reliable friends to take care of it.