Showered with Joy – Tasteful Bridal Shower Games

The bridal shower is a time-honoured wedding tradition; and one much beloved of brides, for obvious reasons. As well as being a good way to pick up some more personal gifts ahead of your wedding, holding a bridal shower gives you a more gentle and social version of a hens night event; a great chance to catch up with friends and share your excitement about the big day.

One way to make the occasion feel different and special, aside from booking out one of Melbourne’s Best Function rooms, is to organise some special bridal shower games. This is one of those rare occasions where guests will arrive with a high tolerance for sentiment and whimsy, plus cutting loose with a few party games can help to break the ice between guests who may never have met. Since most if not all of these people are going to be interacting again come your wedding day, that’s a good goal to be aiming for.

Here are a few of our recommended bridal shower games to make the most of your day:

The Newlyweds
Cribbing the idea from one of the all-time great game shows, this is a format still watched widely around the world. Requiring a little planning ahead, this game has friends of the bride interview the groom beforehand to ask certain random, romantic, and risque questions about himself, his history, and his relationship with the bride. The answers are then recorded – video is by far the best way, having him deliver them with a smile and hopeful words of encouragement. The bride then has to answer each question herself before hearing what her hubby-to-be actually thinks; let the laughter and blushing ensue!

Two Truths & A Lie
This is an absolute classic icebreaker for any kind of party, but works especially well when centred around a guest of honour; such as the bride. Simply have each guest stand up in turn and relate 3 short stories or facts surrounding their experiences with the engaged couple. The trick here is that guests have to make one of the three up wholesale, and the other invitees are challenged to pick these fictions from the – often- stranger – truth.

Purse Raid
Something a bit more fun and frantic to get the guests’ blood pumping; this is like a game of bingo or lightning round of a quiz, but played with the contents of one’s bag or purse. Have guests get theirs ready, then start reading items you might reasonably have in a purse off a list. For each item, the first guest to pull one from their purse and hold it high gets a small prize, or points towards a larger one. To maximise the fun, start out with the fundamentals (tissues, keys, credit card) then move up towards more specific, odd, or scandalous options (asthma puffer, dog treats, condom).