Yeah…but what do I WEAR!?

Have you ever been invite to a party with a dress code and still not really understood the expectations? Here is a foolproof guide to the modern-day dress code!

Black Tie/Formal
This dress code is for events more firmly on the formal side of the scale.
For Men: This code is resolute for men. A tuxedo. Nothing more, nothing less.
For Women: When it comes to black tie for women, it’s a little more complex. As a general guide, what you wear should feel as formal as a floor length dress. This could, however, take shape as an evening gown, a formal cocktail dress or even dressed-up separates. A great way to get an idea of just how formal you should go, match your outfit with the style of event and what you would expect the host to wear. Is it a work function? A wedding? A birthday party at a flashy restaurant? This will be the best guide so you don’t wind up over- or — worse! — under-dressed!

This dress code calls for party-ready attire.
For Men: For the gentlemen, this code is generally asking for a dark suit and tie.
For Women: Shorter dresses are totally acceptable to wear to a cocktail event. As black tie’s playful sibling, you are free to be more liberal with your accessories and eclectic in your stying. While cocktail outfits should still exude the elegant essence of Black Tie attire, it should also say, “I’m here to have fun!”

Smart Casual/Dressy Casual
Dressy Casual is paradoxical, which is why it is one of the most often misinterpreted dress codes. What you’re after is a refined version of your best casual outfit.
For Men: A pair of jeans (no rip detailing) dressed up with a blazer with either a basic collared shirt or T-shirt will satisfy this code perfectly.
For Women: The options are endless here. The best way to dress up a casual look is with accessories and heels. Perhaps try jeans with a pristine heeled boot or a shift dress over a white collared shirt.

Business Casual
If Casual is on the bottom end of the scale and Black Tie is right at the top, Business Casual sits somewhere between Smart Casual and Cocktail.
For Men: For this dress code, guys should think in terms of slacks or chinos and a buttoned, collared shirt, tucked in. No jeans. No sneakers.
For Women: Women are expected to play ball a little more in this category with slacks or a pencil skirt paired with a blouse and a blazer. On the plus side, women can enjoy the comfort of well-kept ballet flats as an alternative to the heels generally expected of Formal Business wear.