How to Build Your Branding Through Events

Even in this digital age, few marketing vehicles offer all the advantages that live events can when it comes to engaging your customers.

Holding events offers you and your company unique opportunities to get to know your target audience, to network and connect with influencers, and solicit honest feedback from consumers. Events can win over sceptics and build brand loyalty among existing consumers.

But how do you get it right? At Melbourne’s Best Functions, we’ve drawn on our expertise in events to come up with some key things to remember when you’re building your brand through events.


Set clear objectives

When you decide to hold an event to promote your brand, you should have a clear idea of what success will look like. By setting clear KPIs around your event, you’ll be much better placed to see what worked, what didn’t, and use that information to improve on the next one. Some key questions to keep in mind:

  • What do you want people to do post-event?
  • What outcomes will make you not hold the event again?
  • What outcomes will guarantee you host the event again?
  • How do you want attendees to feel about your brand post-event, and how does that differ to how they feel now?
  • How do you want people to describe your brand? Think elevator pitch: 10 words or less.

Keep your target audience in mind at all times

Just as the logo, values and persona of your brand is chosen to appeal and connect with your target audience, your event should be created with them in mind. It will be much easier to choose the type of event you want to hold, the entertainment you book, the merchandise you can sell, and the kind of giveaways that your consumers will enjoy.

Make social media your friend

Events and photo sharing on social media are a match made in marketing heaven. Set up social media teams for the event and make sure people know how to tag their photos!

Visual content channels more engagement than text based, and organic photos taken by attendees will expand your reach and provide social proof that the event was enjoyable, or that people they consider peers attended. Make sure you have someone ready to engage with people who may be participating in your event through social media without attending it in person.

Get creative with merchandise

Keep your event in people’s minds long after it’s over with some creative and cool merchandise. It’s even better if it’s exclusive or event-only. And don’t be afraid to reward loyalty: when you’ve put so much effort into making sure people come to your event, you want them to come back! Offer exclusive early access, ticket discounts, or find some other way to make your attendees feel appreciated and special.