A Guide to Corporate Catering for a Successful Event

A Guide to Corporate Catering for a Successful Event

Have you been given the task of hosting your first corporate event? No stress. It’s time to make an impression on your colleagues, employers, or clients, to the best of your ability. With corporate events, it’s all about showing your gratitude towards your guests, whether they’re clients or team members.

Whether you’re planning a party or a team building activity followed by a dinner or drinks, you’re going to want to nail the catering. From traditional three course meals, to mouth-watering canapés

and even subverting classic traditions when it comes to cultured cuisine, keep scrolling for a few tips and tricks designed to help you nail your corporate catering for every type of event and guest.

After all, life’s no fun on an empty stomach.

Know Your Audience

Make sure you take into consideration who is actually coming to your event. Whether it’s an intimate group of clients, or a large-scale party for your whole company, ensuring the catering company can cater to your number of guests is hugely important!

Another tip? Know your audience. When you’re looking at the guestlist, you’ll need to consider who is actually attending. Put it this way, if you’re trying to impress out of town clients at a swanky rooftop venue, a caterer supplying ham sandwiches definitely won’t make the cut. You catch our drift? With tonnes of catering options in Melbourne, be sure to match your corporate catering party menu with the venue, guestlist, and your general vision when it comes to the evening.

Options, Options, Options

There’s nothing worse than seeing people wandering around an event with an empty plate (and an empty stomach!) due to the menu not fitting their dietary requirements. Supplying your guests with a flexible menu where you consider vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free and kosher-friendly spreads is definitely one for the win. Don’t forget about common food intolerances such as peanut and wheat allergies either!

Different catering companies specify in certain things so make sure you shop around for the crème de la crème… within your budget of course.

Venue Vibes

Whether you’re hosting your event in a luxurious rooftop penthouse or you’re opting for a large open plan events space with private areas,  choose the right kind of corporate catering to fit your vibe and atmosphere of what you’re aiming to achieve.

Go for Greek style sharing platters for the department to feast on over end of year drinks, or modern Japanese cuisine to pick at throughout the evening, the options are endless. Fitting the appropriate vibe of your event totally depends on your venue and space size, so once you decide on your space, you’ll be good to go!

It’s not About the Money (but it kind of is!)

Since you’ve been trusted with hosting the event, ensuring your corporate catering choice fits the budget is vital to successful event planning! Do you want to tell your boss you’ve gone way over budget on the mini quiche? We don’t!

To ensure you don’t go over budget, take the time to get FULL quotes from your choice of catering companies, including taxes, or any service and delivery fees that may apply to your order. That way you’ll be able to set aside a certain amount of money for everything else needed to host a triumphant corporate event.

Now that you know how to approach your event, simply contact the team of event pro’s at Melbourne’s Best Functions, where we’ll help you with your catering in our Melbourne based versatile venues.

Allow our team to do the hard work, making your vision come to life.