Party Guide: Entertainment Ideas We Bet You Haven’t Thought of

Party Guide: Entertainment Ideas We Bet You Haven’t Thought of 

So, you’re in the midst of planning an event and everything is running smoothly. Not only have you chosen an incredible venue, but you’ve worked with a catering company to curate a modern menu that you know will get all attendees taste buds tingling. You’ve taken the event planning challenge in your stride and you’re excited for the big day or night.

That is until, someone asks you what kind of entertainment there’s going to be. Next? Panic!

You’ve forgotten about entertaining your guests with that extra something special that’ll actually make your night an eventful one. Luckily for you, we’ve got you covered.

Take your event to the next level and wow them with the x factor by incorporating some head turning entertainment that’ll take it from a fun night to the night of the year.

Keep scrolling to find out how to avoid all things cringeworthy and make it a showstopper.

Some Like it Hot

Why play it safe (health and safety wise of course, but… you catch our drift), when you can play with fire instead? Well, you can watch fire performers play with fire instead.  From group performers to solo circus acts, set the atmosphere of the event on fire! No one will expect it and people love party entertainment that gets them sitting on the edge of their seat.

Jazz Hands

Everyone loves a bit live music, don’t they? If you reckon your guests are the Bublé loving type, wow them with the help of a jazz band. Enjoy dinner or canapés whilst the beautiful sound of music plays and gets you in the socialising, party mood.

Hey Mr D.J

If you’re attendees aren’t the jazz hands kind of type, a skilled DJ playing some of your favourite old school classics and current hot hits will get everyone on their feet until the end of the party! Whether you’re hosting a Bar Mitzvah or your corporate Christmas function, no party is complete without a Dj playing tune after tune. 

Ice Ice Baby

Ensure all guests jaws drop as they walk into the event space with incredible ice sculptures and decorations set to change the whole vibe of the room. If you’re hosting a corporate event why not have an ice sculpture of your company logo created? From humorous oversized sculptures to intricate beautiful details, the possibilities are endless.

Although choosing entertainment for an event has its stresses, there’s nothing better than the feeling of pulling it off, especially when you do it well. Before you go ahead and book your entertainment, take into consideration your attendees, the venue and event size and staying within your budget.

Choose a versatile venue and work alongside a team of event coordinators that’ll turn your dreams into a reality.

Contact the team at Melbourne’s Best Functions for innovative and smooth-running event coordination that’ll make it a night to remember, for years to come.