Nailing Brand Activations for your Corporate Event

Let’s be honest, corporate events can often be a little mediocre. How many times have you had a pleasant evening, before going home and completely forgetting what the event was even for?

Our point is that an event is an event. Sure, nice canapés and champagne is a foolproof tactic for any corporate party, but if you want to make a statement and create lasting engagement, the execution of your event and activations are what people will remember you for.

Want to develop and define the personality of your brand to a live audience?

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re launching a new product or hosting a conference, the team at Melbourne’s Best Functions can help you build a genuine relationship and create a stronger connection with your audience. Keep reading to find out how you can use brand activations at your corporate function.

Promote Unique Customer Experiences

The most important of creating a memorable customer experience is to think outside of the box and make it as unique as you can. You’re going to want to think of themes or activities that your audience have never experienced. One of our favourite examples from this year’s Australian Open, was major sponsor, KIA. Leveraging the tennis as much as they possibly could, Kia had both on and off-site locations, offering ‘Caraoke’ via augmented reality with Daria Gavrilova and Thanasi Kokkinakis, as well as test drives at Southern Cross Station.

Unified Branding

Don’t stray too far away from your brand values, products or current tone of voice. Ensure that you use content that you already have, and try putting a new, experimental spin on it. Another firm favourite from the Australian Open, were the tongue in cheek ads from Aussie brand Vegemite. Sticking to their cheeky tone of voice, they rolled out an ad saying ‘Quiet please Maria’ in reference to the notoriously loud sounds Maria Sharapova makes on the court. Use your current slogans to create playful twists and play on words.

Tap into Customer Aspirations

When it comes to luxury brands, aspirational marketing is often the go-to approach to a successful launch or campaign. So, what exactly do we mean? Well, by associating your company with something that your target audience aspires to, you’re on to a winner.

Make Your Event Exclusive

Of course, if you host an exclusive ‘invite only’ event or consumer experience, you’re automatically excluding a segment of your audience BUT that’s not a bad thing. By hosting a slightly more intimate affair in a private function room at a swanky bar or restaurant, you’re more likely to build a stronger bond to those that do ‘make the cut’. If anything, this will ensure that your company develops a strong bond with those invited. A stronger connection means a stronger affiliation, creating returning customers.

Give Your Audience What They Want

Because, why wouldn’t you? Simple things like photo booths, food and drink lessons or even props that capitalise current trends in your industry will ensure attendees have a ball. Just remember that brand activation really doesn’t need to super complex. Top tip? Know your audience and give the people what they want!

If you need advice on how to promote your brand by creating unforgettable experiences for your audience and encouraging them to act, contact the team at Melbourne’s Best Functions on (03) 8199 3733 and we’ll help connect with your audience through our seamless event management.