Event Catering: The Do’s and Don’ts

Have you ever been to an event and had to wait for hours for a teeny tiny little canape? How about leaving an event only to drive straight to Maccas? Not ideal.

Your attendees are hungry (aren’t we all!), and it’s your job to feed them. Yep, think of your guestlist as the little baby you need to take care of. 

Event catering is a vital part of the planning process and will definitely get your guests talking, good or bad. No one wants to leave an event having eaten a wet piece of lettuce disguised as a canape.

Here’s how to serve the right kind of food while still working to your event catering budget.

Do: Organise small little bites of delicious goodness at your event, instead of a sit-down dinner. Most people are socialising and networking at an event, so small bites are the perfect to pick at when guests feel a little peckish.

Don’t: Go over the top with extravagant menus that you or your company simply can’t afford. Sure, it might look pretty cool, but you blow your budget on one aspect of the event, the whole event will suffer.

Do: Look past traditional catering companies. Nowadays you can get amazing deals from restaurants and even food van businesses who are willing to put together great feeds for cheaper prices.

Don’t: Ignore the technicalities. Think about power points, amps, and logistics. For example, if you hire food truck but it needs a certain amount of room/ power at the venue that simply doesn’t work…. Well, the word disaster springs to mind.

Do: Look for innovative and flexible catering companies. If you’ve got imaginative ideas, they’ll work with you to create a menu of mouth-watering bites in line with your creative vision.

Don’t: Make your attendees queue. No one wants to stand in a long, especially not at an event when they’re a guest. stand in long lines. Control the flow of human traffic if you can by having waiters bring round dishes instead.

Do: Remember that a lot of people have food intolerances and eating restrictions such as gluten or dairy free. Ensure you have options and keep everyone and their bellies happy. 

Don’t: Only offer alcohol. Remember that mocktails are just as nice as cocktails and a lot of people don’t drink – especially if you’re holding your event during the week.

Do: Create a menu that includes food from a range of cultures. While someone may adore Japanese, Greek food might be what makes someone else’s mouth water! Options are always your safest bet. 

Whether event catering is a small part of your corporate event or you’re hosting an event fit for all foodies, these simple tips are sure to leave your attendees and their bellies happy.

Whatever you decide, we’re here to help. Contact Melbourne’s Best Functions for more information today.