Host a Beautiful Shower for your new Baby boy

Congratulations – it’s a boy!

There’s nothing like celebrating the impending arrival of your new baby with a fun, themed baby shower. Whether you’re hosting a shower on behalf of your best friend or you’re throwing your very own celebration for the little one, keep reading for some cute ideas just perfect for a baby boy’s shower.

Cocktails & Mocktails

Since we’re going with the blue theme, it makes sense that your liquid lunches match too, right? For a baby shower that’s really brings the party, we recommend serving themed blue cocktails (and mocktails for those that are preggo or simply on driving duty). We’re big fans of the AMF cocktail, which is basically just a blue version of the infamous long island iced tea. Bound to have your guests that are drinking in the mood for a par-tay, expect a baby shower that’s one to remember.

Surprise Cookies & Cakes

Although the news is out that you’re having a baby boy, fun little surprises are still a lovely way to inject some fun into your shower. Keep surprising your guests with cookies and cakes filled with some sort of delicious blue goodness in the middle. From cookies to cupcakes, you could even try filling them blue M&M’s or lollies. Diet what? 

Balloons & Décor

Come on, it wouldn’t be a baby shower without a blue balloon garland… would it? Create an insta-worthy setting with lots of blue décor. The best part is that although it can be a little time consuming, you can even make one yourself. No – seriously! Who’d of thought that the lowly balloon would become such a popular addition to parties? With the popularity, you can even find balloon garland kits online. Other cute décor ideas range from blue tassel garlands, table settings and pretty floral arrangements.

Pick the right Venue

Finding a venue to suit your baby shower can be tough. Hosting at home is a great option (if you’re not worried about cleaning up mountains of blue confetti), but if you’d like a baby shower that really pops off, why not go all out, celeb-style! Love the idea of rooftop views of the city, with lots of light and your very own cocktail mixologist? Mon Bijou could be the venue for you.

The team at Melbourne’s Best Functions know exactly what it takes to turn a venue into the perfect baby blue setting to celebrate the new mini addition to your family. Whether you’re looking for a flower wall for photo opportunities, themed catering ideas, or you’d simply like to reserve a table, call us on (03) 8199 3733 and our events coordinators will make it happen.