Out of the Box Buck’s Party Ideas

Who says that buck’s nights have to go by the book? Shake things up a little and change the game for the better. Say goodbye to tradition and embrace something new and a little quirky that’s sure to get the boys laughing and enjoying themselves well into the night. Our experts have come up with 4 of the best buck’s night ideas that are well and truly out of the box. Curious to learn more? Read on below to find out.

  1. Escape Room

Lock your best mates in an escape room and then turn off the lights! Follow the clues and get to work cracking codes, riddles, puzzles and more as you pool your collective brain power towards unlocking the door. These activities are great fun for everyone and certainly work well for groups of close friends or new acquaintances. Booking an escape room is one way to flip tradition on its head and is sure to impress. Grab some pre-drinks at a funky bar and then prepare for an awesome time that is guaranteed to create plenty of hilarious moments that you will cherish for years to come.

  1. Laser Tag

Grab a blaster and get shooting. Aim for the soon to be married man and you’ll definitely receive some bonus points. Laser tag is a fantastic buck’s night idea that’s off the beaten track because it doesn’t come with a fancy dress code or an expensive price tag. Let the guys get a bit wild and work off some of pre-wedding stress with an adrenaline filled game that rewards teamwork and individual acts of greatness. Be sure to tally the scores at the end of the night to really get an idea of who pulled their weight and who didn’t.

  1. Go Karting

Channel your inner race car driver and take to the track with mates for a bunch of laps. We guarantee the competitive juices will start to flow, so bring your game face and prepare for some serious heat. Time your laps and crown the fastest driver champion for the day and don’t forget to hold an award ceremony post event – even if it’s just shouting the worthy recipient a drink on the night. Go karting is an out of the box buck’s night idea that you will definitely want to include in your celebration.

  1. Drinks For Everyone

Okay, we lied! Breaking tradition is great but there’s always room to debrief with a drink or two so you and your mates can send your soon to be married bud off in style. Do some research and look for a space that boasts a fantastic drinks menu, plenty of tasty food, a raging dance floor plus great ambience. A perfect after dark venue can help you to get in the mood for partying and definitely needs to be on your final destination list for a ripping buck’s party.

A Time to Remember

Turn the fun factor up a notch with these quality party ideas. Our suggestions are out of the box and promise to always leave your mates laughing and having fun. Aim for the lucky man in laser tag, get competitive in go karting, work together in an escape room and don’t forget to grab a drink afterwards in a dynamic night space. To speak with expert party planners or to find out more about our premier venues, contact the team at Melbourne’s Best Functions. We can sort all of your buck’s party needs.