How to Fill Your Santa Stockings for Corporate Christmas

Christmas Party

Okay, so the festive season is fast approaching and the office is winding down after a crazy year of work. So, what do you do to celebrate? Get the Christmas stockings out, of course! Shower your work colleagues with creative gifts and you’ll be sure to go out on a good note. Think keep cups, portable chargers, calendars, notepads and much more. Enjoy your time away knowing that your colleagues will be well stocked when things ramp up again the following year.  

  1. Keep cup

Keep things simple with a reusable cup that will benefit the environment, one sip at a time. How many coffees, teas and hot drinks are consumed on the way to your office? Probably more than you can count. So, make the smart move and add a beautifully designed keep cup to the Santa stockings of everyone in the company. Be sure to paste some company stickers on too, and maybe even a name tag – so there’s no confusion as to who owns what. And the best part? You’ll be doing your bit to protect the planet. 


  1. Portable charger


Keep your team connected and at full power with a portable charger. Everyone will be grateful that they have one of these handy devices close by when things need to get done. Portable chargers allow users to remotely charge their devices when they don’t have access to a traditional hardpoint. Phone about to die? Laptop dwindling right before that important meeting? Headphones running out of juice just when you need them the most? A portable charger will put an end to all these headaches and more. 


  1. Calendar


This may not be as exciting as it could be, but a cute calendar is a great stocking stuffer for corporate Christmas. Take things a step further and highlight the entire holiday period in red marker so that people know just how long they have to rest and relax. If nothing else, at least they’ll be on the same page when it comes to what day they are due back. Look for wall mountable calendars that can help to reduce desk clutter or add some handy adhesive tabs so people can do it themselves. 


  1. Notepad


Keep the ideas flowing with a notepad and office productivity will go through the roof. Whether brainstorming as a collective, planning alone or simply taking stock of what has to get done, you’ll benefit from having one convenient place to write things down. You could even have a large notepad waiting on everyone’s desk as a generous surprise. 


  1. An invitation to knock-off drinks!


Don’t forget to invite everyone out for a wild night that is sure to get them in the festive mood. Include a written note at the bottom of their Santa stocking so that it comes as a welcome surprise. Head to a fun and lively space that has fantastic drinks and plenty of room to mingle and dance well into the night. For booth hire and event space options in premier venues, speak with the team at Melbourne’s Best Functions. Our expert party planners can help you with all your Christmas party needs and promise to leave you totally impressed.