Delicious Finger Food to Serve at Your Corporate Christmas Party

The best way to win over your guests at a corporate Christmas party is with delicious food. It should be easy to eat, look great and pack plenty of flavour. Read on below for a list of finger food ideas that will keep people savouring the taste well after they’ve left. 

Cheese board

Get people in the mood to mingle and socialise with a beautiful platter that incorporates all of the finest types of cheese. Go for a wide selection to suit different preferences and all of your bases will be covered. Have aged varieties such as gouda, cheddar, sharp and gruyere for a distinctive flavour. You’ll also want a soft and creamy brie and camembert for a different texture. Don’t forget something smoked too such as provolone. A great cheese board should always be included and offers a fantastic finger food selection for guests at any corporate Christmas party.  


Fresh ingredients straight from the ocean always leave people impressed. Oysters are a smart option because they are easy to eat and leave little mess. Add chilli and bacon and you definitely have a winner. Smoked salmon is another delicious idea and can be served as a tartine with red onions and capers for extra zing. Prawns shouldn’t be far away and always add great colour to a spread. You’ll have plenty of options when it comes to this type of finger food and your guest will be well and truly spoilt. 

Finger sandwiches

Have plenty of finger sandwiches on hand to help keep bellies full and your corporate Christmas party will go off without a hitch. There’s truly no way to go wrong here because the options are limitless. Try chicken and avocado, salami, ham, tuna, egg, salad and anything else that you can think of. A beautiful spread of sandwiches will lift spirits at your party and soak up any extra alcohol too. Trust us, everyone will be grateful come the morning.   

Pizza bites 

Everybody loves pizza. Include this fantastic finger food on your menu and believe us when we say that it will hardly last long. Choose from either a thick or thin crust and then you are halfway home. The best thing about having some delectable pizza slices on hand is that they can have literally anything on them. From basic margherita to meat lovers, vegetarian and seafood recipes, you can’t go wrong. Just keep the portion sizes small to ensure that they are easy to handle. 

Design your menu with us

Regardless of what finger food ideas you decide to include on your menu, it’s important that you go with an expert team who can sort all of your needs and more. At Melbourne’s Best Functions, our event planners can work with you to design the ultimate corporate Christmas party experience for your guests. From fine finger food to spectacular drinks, amazing dance floors to bar areas, we have got your bases covered. Call us today to find out more about how we can transform your next event and you won’t be disappointed.