Healthy Catering Options for Your Corporate Christmas Party

The silly season is all about partying, meeting friends and shaking loose the hard work of the previous year. But did you know that it doesn’t have to hurt your waistline? These days, corporate Christmas catering is no stranger to healthy alternatives that provide a great way to protect your summer body. Check out our ideas that are less about overindulgence and more about wholesome food that you are sure to love.

Fresh fruit

Have a platter of seasonal fruit on hand and your corporate Christmas party will be a huge success. Fruit is a great option to serve guests because it’s healthy (obviously) but also delicious. Be sure to source only the highest quality pieces to ensure that your offerings look stunning. Look for watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, apple and anything else that tickles your fancy. Fruit pieces are easy to eat, leave little mess and will help your fitness body to stay in great shape.

Vegetable dips

Looking for great flavour? Add some vegetable dips to the proceedings. There are some truly delectable flavour options available these days that will bring plenty of punch. Try spinach, eggplant, French onion, tzatziki, garlic and herb, pumpkin, horseradish, chives and everything in between. Feel free to mix things up on the plate too, with low carb bread sticks, healthy crackers or cheesy bites. Vegetable dips make great catering options for corporate Christmas parties and we guarantee that they won’t last long. 


Seafood that’s come straight from the market is a great bet for filling empty stomachs. Not only does it taste great but it’s also really nutritious. Prawn skewers, oyster trays and fish bites should be in abundance and your guests will be more than grateful. Use plenty of seasoning and lemon wedges to make the dishes sing and people won’t be able to resist. We recommend seafood as a healthy option to include because it’s easy to eat and always goes down a winner. 

Lean meats

Never forget about the carnivores. Bring the beef to your corporate Christmas party but make sure to keep things under control. The goal here is to offer lean options that park the fat and look after the health of your guests. There’s no shortage of choices, you could serve grass fed meatballs or grilled chicken strips plus anything else that you can think of. Ask a catering expert for advice and help planning a menu in this regard and you’ll be in good hands when it comes to providing some healthy, yet succulent meat options.   

Share a bite with us  

Great food is important if you want to throw a corporate Christmas party that leaves a great impression. Whether it’s for friends, colleagues, clients or anyone else, you’ll want to do things well so that your event is a flying success. For help organising the perfect menu for your particular function, speak with the professional event planners at Melbourne’s Best Functions. We can help with menu planning, venue hire, entertainment options, drink packages and more.