What to Pack in Your Picnic Basket for the Spring Racing Carnival

The Spring Racing Carnival is a fantastic experience to behold and calls for some seriously delicious food. Whether it’s cute finger sandwiches, gourmet pastries, indulgent desserts or anything else, you’ll want to come prepared with a picnic basket that matches the big occasion. Eat like a king and queen by following our top tips for the best foods to pack in your picnic basket for the Spring Racing Carnival. 


Cute sandwiches are a must have for any Spring Racing Carnival experience. These delectable little bites will keep bellies full and your friends satisfied throughout the day. The downside? There is none! Get creative and have fun with a bunch of different ingredient combinations; try egg and watercress, mozzarella and salami, sausage and pesto, cucumber and ham plus cheese and asparagus. There’s no going wrong when it comes to making cute sandwiches for your Spring Racing Carnival picnic basket.     


Have fun with some delectable pastries and everyone will well and truly love you for it. Our tip? Go for gourmet quiche that bring the flavour and a fantastic aroma. Think goat’s cheese and herb, bacon and leek plus spinach and ricotta. It’s also a good idea to add some mini pies. Lamb and beef are great staples and there’s also room for some vegetarian options. Artichoke, spinach and cheese is always a popular choice that won’t last long.   


Indulge the collective sweet tooth of everyone on the picnic rug by topping things off with some delicious cakes. It’s a great way to celebrate in style while you watch the horses fly by and the people stroll through. There’s no reason why you can’t opt for a moreish cheesecake or a crunchy rocky road slice. Cupcakes are easy to eat and add plenty of fun colour and flavour to any spread. We recommend bringing several tasty dessert style treats for the crew to enjoy after a long day of fun and plenty of laughter. 

Something to wash it all down

It wouldn’t be the Spring Racing Carnival without some awesome drinks to help wash all of the delicious picnic food down. You’ll want to bring some beer, wine and maybe even a bottle of champagne to celebrate any winning bets. Don’t forget an ice box to keep everything cool and your day will be a huge success. That’s our hot tip. 

Don’t forget to check out the late night fun once the sun has gone down. 

Be sure to book a booth at an exciting bar or club to really kick on after the race day entertainment has come to an end. At Melbourne’s Best functions, we have a range of booth options available for hire that come with food and drink packages too. Look to our premier party venues to dance the night away following your time at the Spring Racing Carnival. Speak with our team today for more information about what we have to offer.