Chrissy Drinks to Serve at Your Office Party

The weather is changing and it’s time to start winding down as you and your colleagues prepare for the festive season. As the Christmas party organiser, it’s your job to plan a ripper send off that will get people in the mood to celebrate all the hard work that’s been done throughout the year. So, what should be first on your checklist? An awesome drinks menu! Use our recipe ideas below and your party will be a raging success. 

Boozy eggnog

It wouldn’t be Christmas without eggnog, so why not amp up the fun by adding some quality alcohol to take things to a new level of fabulousness. Add bourbon or dark rum to your usual mix of milk, sugar, cream, whipped egg whites and egg yolks for a great twist. Mix things up further with a nice garnish that looks great and adds a kick of flavour. Think cinnamon sticks or a sprinkle of crushed nuts. 

Hot choc with a twist

Keep the classics but be sure to add a different element to them. We recommend adding some delicious Baileys to really make a statement and to get your office Christmas party moving in the right direction. Be sure to spoil your guests with plenty of chocolate powder that will really entice the masses and don’t forget some chewy marshmallows too. Serve on the side or add them straight to your Baileys inspired chocolatey goodness and watch them melt away for extra sweetness. 

Candy cane cocktails

Get creative and turn the tables on all of your favourite cocktails by adding some Christmas charm. Add candy cane lollies to everything that you can think of, including mojitos, daiquiris, martinis, gimlets and more. The best part about adding candy cane lollies to your drinks is that they will instantly fit your colourful Christmas theme and also add a fizzy element that’s bound to be a success. The collective sweet tooth of everyone in attendance will well and truly be satisfied by this awesome cocktail idea.     

Classic punch

It’s not all about the booze! Always include some non-alcoholic options for any non-drinkers or designated drivers who are looking to drive home safely. Classic punch is a great Christmas drink to have on hand because it adds plenty of visual appeal to any celebration. Mix plenty of fruit with soft drinks and ice plus anything else that you can think of. Serve your delicious concoction in a beautiful punch bowl and watch as it steals the show. 

Candy cane lemonade

This is another alcohol-free option that tastes as good as it looks. Pour your favourite soft drink (we recommend lemonade) over fresh ice and add candy cane lollies to suit. Mix in some fresh mint or basil for a delicious hint of flavour and you are good to go. Candy cane lemonade won’t last long, so we suggest grabbing some before it all disappears.  

We hope that these 5 drink ideas hold you in good stead when it comes to planning your office Christmas party. If you need help with event planning, food ideas or drink menus for your upcoming event, get in touch with the team at Melbourne’s Best Functions. Our event planners can work alongside you to plan and prepare the perfect office Christmas party that includes plenty of awesome drinks just like the above.