Desserts to Serve at Your Corporate Christmas Party

Christmas Party

Announce the start of the silly season with a corporate Christmas party menu that includes the most decadent and indulgent desserts ever! We’re talking gooey chocolate mud cake, rocky road slice, North Pole cupcakes, pavlova with fruity bites, choc-chip candy cane ice-cream cake and more. Treat everyone with a sweet tooth by marking the following corporate Christmas dessert ideas off your naughty list and there won’t be room for disappointment.

Chocolate mud cake

Start things off with a classic and let everything else take care of itself. Chocolate mud cake is a staple dessert idea and is guaranteed to be a great success. Look for something that has plenty of rich icing plus little specks of broken up chocolate that add plenty of crunch to the whole masterpiece. We recommend planning for plenty of takers when it comes to your corporate Christmas party because a chocolate mud cake won’t last long.

Rocky road slice

Pave the way to Christmas party fun with some rocky road slice. This no-bake treat is delicious and will bring plenty of vibrant colour to any dessert platter. We love the combination of milk chocolate, marshmallows and tasty nuts and your guests will too. Go for almonds and use as many as you like. In fact, the more the merrier! We’re actually giving you permission to go nuts, with the nuts. So, let the fun begin and treat all of your work colleagues to some rocky road goodness that won’t soon be forgotten. 

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to slice your rocky road creation up into smaller pieces, hence the name rock road slice!

North Pole cupcakes

Maintain the Christmas spirit with some ultra-tasty North Pole cupcakes. Have fun and add plenty of snowy frosting and white icicles that really emphasise the theme of the event. You can even create your own decorations to represent snowmen, reindeer and Santa himself. Remember to bring plenty of these North Pole inspired desserts because they will disappear before you know it. That’s our top tip for this office Christmas party! 

Pavlova with fruit bites

Invite a taste of summer into your event and the crowd will definitely be pleased. Stick with the classic pavlova ingredients and then mix in some interesting fruit options for extra zing. Mango, raspberries and blueberries should all be accounted for here to get people eyeing this dessert from across the room. For the crowning touch? Passionate fruit syrup and a generous amount of pulp. It’s a go-to corporate Christmas party winner that won’t let you down. 

Choc-chip candy cane ice-cream cake

Last but not least, we have the choc-chip candy cane ice-cream cake (a mouthful, we know). Impress your guests with a real showstopper that needs to be eaten in quick time before the Christmas goodness melts away. Expect plenty of chocolate bits, candy cane lollies and of course some gourmet ice cream to bring it all together. There’s no going wrong with this dessert idea. 

The Corporate Christmas Party Experts

We know a thing or two about throwing awesome corporate Christmas parties. In fact, it’s actually our job. Speak to the expert team at Melbourne’s Best Functions and let our talented event planners put together a function that includes plenty of food, drinks, entertainment and of course some wickedly delicious corporate Christmas party desserts.