What’s Your Wedding Style?

Weddings aren’t just an incredible celebration of love, but they’re a great opportunity to express yours and your partner’s unique character. But what’s your unique wedding style? Grab a pen and paper, and take our quiz below to see the type of wedding that best suits you.

1. What design style appeals to you most?

  1. Unique and unusual pieces from different eras and of different styles, curated into an eclectic harmony. 
  2. Rustic interiors with the warmth of fairy lights, persian carpets and floored seating space.
  3. Elegant interiors reminiscent of classical Parisian apartments, with luxurious fabrics, sleek furniture and high ceilings. 
  4. Smartly designed spaces with functional furniture, minimal clutter and maybe a few modern art pieces here and there. 

2. Your ideal honeymoon would entail…

  1. Enjoying a unique cultural experience in an unusual city abroad.
  2. Riding horses through a calm countryside and having a picnic after. 
  3. Enjoying the sun (and sand) at a beach location on an exclusive island/ resort.
  4. Having dinner at an internationally acclaimed Michelin star restaurant to see if it’s really as cutting edge as they say.

3. Your dream wedding dress would be…

  1. An iridescent silver dress that glitters in the lights. 
  2. A sweet off the shoulder dress with floral decals. 
  3. A long sleeved lace dress with a long train. 
  4. A slim, sleek modern piece that’s simple but romantic.

4. Who is your “Bride-spiration”?

  1. Celine Dion. 
  2. Margherita Missoni. 
  3. Kate Middleton.
  4. Bianca Jagger.

5. Your ultimate date night would be…

  1. Trying something new like a fermentation class, live drawing or an escape room.  
  2. Going for a hike or volunteering at a nature reserve. 
  3. Enjoying fine wine and artisanal produce at an acclaimed vineyard.
  4. Attending an exclusive exhibition or screening of an arthouse film.

6. What outfit would you be rocking on the weekend?

  1. A Gorman-esque blouse paired with plain slacks and a funky hat.
  2. Denim shorts, a loose floral blouse and tousled hair.
  3. A black blazer, hair swept into a ponytail and a cute dress with pumps.
  4. Nordic inspired chic. Minimalism and muted colours. 

7. Your dream reception would take place at…

  1. A traditional theme park with a ferris wheel, games and rides.
  2. At a clearing in the woods with dance floor built among the trees 
  3. At an elegant ballroom with warm light coming from the chandeliers 
  4. At a rooftop in the heart of the city, accompanied by plenty of music and lights 



Mostly A’s: The Eclectic Wedding Experience

You’re a unique individual who is all about trying new things and making memories that last. Your wedding would likely be about creating an engaging experience for your guests than showing off, making it more fun than most and a one-of-a-kind experience. We recommend putting on a show with some unique games, a hilarious presentation or a dance performance.  

Mostly B’s: The Bohemian Wedding 

There’s nothing more organic or heartwarming than a bohemian wedding. Guests tend to feel extremely comfortable at these types of soirees, with the focus of the night being on the couple and their love, rather than anything superficial. If you’re the ultimate free spirited bride, boho is the way to go. Keep the bohemian spirit alive with plenty of flowers and fairy lights at your event. 

Mostly C’s: The High Society Wedding 

When it comes to making the most of any occasion, the high society wedding is the one that people will be talking about for years to come. No detail will go unnoticed at these types of events so make sure you plan everything down to its minutiae. From the table place cards to the buttons on your outfit. While a high society wedding may be more expensive than others, it’ll all be worth it for such a special occasion. 

Mostly D’s: Modern Wedding 

You’re an innovative bride with a particular vision for your wedding. Anything ‘cutting edge’ grabs your attention and your wedding will be no different. That means ensuring your wedding decor/theme is sleek, modern and a sartorial affair reminiscent of a New York event at the Guggenheim. Modern weddings are a great choice for those after an event that affords them the freedom to shake things up AND choose the old traditions they want.

If you’ve got a vision for your big day but you’re not sure how to bring it all together, get in touch with us at Melbourne’s Best Functions. We’ll help breathe new life into your dream wedding and take care of everything so you don’t have to. Call us on (03) 8199 3733 or email [email protected] today.