Cute Prop Ideas for Christmas

Whether you’re looking for cute Christmas props to decorate your home or are searching for some Christmas prop inspiration for your next Christmas function, you have come to the right place. From repurposing spare Christmas decorations, to making your own snow, you can be rest assured that these ideas will brighten your space and amplify your space’s overall Christmas mood.

Place your spare bobbles in beautiful vases – How often do you find that you have an oversupply of bobbles? You can repurpose these and place them in a decorative vase. This is a great idea to do if your space cannot fit in a Christmas tree and you’re looking for ways to bring some warmth and colour into your space. You can also try doing this with your spare fairy lights!

Find a set of antlers – Antlers provide you with multiple creative prop ideas. Antlers can be used as props to make cute portraits. They can also be used as decorations for your wall or can be stuck onto other items (such as a mug or a plush toy) to make them feel more Christmas inspired.

Get a Christmas pineapple instead of a tree – If your space is too small for a full-sized Christmas tree, or you are after a minimal solution to a decorative tree, why not consider a Christmas pineapple? Christmas pineapple trees are adorable and don’t require a lot of effort. You can add lights and bobbles onto your pineapple and experiment with different bobble colours.

White or pastel-coloured confetti – Whilst only a few areas in Australia are lucky to have snow, you can get around this and cover your space with white or pastel-coloured confetti.

Red nose props for everyone – Another cute Christmas-themed idea is to hand out red nose props to everyone who enters your space. This will instantly lighten the mood and increase levels of fun and engagement with your friends and family.

Build your own winter wonderland – Be inspired by Narnia or Frozen and decorate your space with white furniture and have all your props painted white. Whilst most of us in Australia don’t get to experience a white Christmas, we can design our spaces and props to make our own Winter wonderlands.

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