Same-Sex Wedding Ideas

With the recent marriage equality bill passing, many same-sex couples are celebrating this historical achievement and showcasing their love by planning beautiful wedding celebrations. Whether you’re big on ceremony traditions or want to celebrate your wedding in a truly unique and untraditional way, keep reading to find some same-sex wedding ideas to consider that will make your wedding ceremony something you, your partner and your guests won’t ever forget.

Forget the white clothing. Wearing a white dress has historical ties to religion and traditional wedding services. Many LGBT couples choose to ditch wearing any white at their wedding and have opted for clothing options that match their uniqueness as individuals, and as individuals in love with each other. At your ceremony, wear what you and your partner feel most comfortable in and what you think will look great in your wedding photos.

Rainbows are a MUST. To celebrate marriage equality and the LGBT community, be sure to decorate your ceremony with rainbow props. Have your groomsmen and bridesmaids hold colourful and bright bouquets and even have your wedding party dressed in beautiful rainbow outfits. For even extra colour, you could add some colourful glitter to your wedding party and even set up a stall at your wedding where guests can have shimmering rainbow glitter makeup put on them as well.

Get Rid of The Seating Chart. To encourage inclusivity and increase levels of fun and engagement, consider getting rid of the seating chart. After all, aren’t weddings about bringing together people who love each other? Why not have your guests mingle with one another by allowing them to sit wherever they please?

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