Decoration Ideas to Make Your Hens Night Instagram-Worthy

No matter what theme you’ve decided to style your hens night with, here are some fun ideas to make sure that your evening is full of wonderful memories and ensure that your Instagram feed reflects those moments.

Colour theming doesn’t just exist on Instagram – Make the photos from your hens night stand out from the rest of your Instagram feed by making sure that you and your hens colour coordinate your hen’s night outfits. When choosing the decorations that you want to utilise, have a think about which details, patterns and colouring sets you want to include.

Make some signage/bunting decorations – If you’re into crafts and DIY projects, have a sit down with your girls and design some signs for the event. You can even document your DIY project progress on your Instagram feed to show what you started with and showcase your finished product. Before and after pictures of decorating your space are a must! Consider coming up with some hashtags to use if you can’t think of anything to write on your signs.

Balloons aren’t just for kid’s parties – Organise some oversized balloons to decorate your hen’s space, just make sure that the balloons go well with your colour theme. You are lucky in that there are numerous options available when it comes to balloons. From glitter-filled balloons to balloons that have quirky shapes, decide which balloon option symbolises your relationship with your hens and looks great on your Instagram.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise – Decorate yourself and your party with sparking jewels, or if shiny things aren’t quite your tempo, decorate with flowers! Again, if you and your group of friends love a good DIY project – make creating your accessories a part of your hen’s event. Take some cheeky selfies whilst you make your matching accessories and remember to use hashtags!

Drinking games – Whether the drink in your hand is alcoholic or not, drinking games are great way to loosen up and get closer with your friends. If your hens night venue has a bar, journey through all the different cocktails available to try and make an engaging game out of it. Don’t forget to Instagram the cocktails you enjoyed the most so that you can remember it for next time!

Are you currently amidst planning a hens night? Contact us to ensure that your evening is full of luxury, indulgence and unforgettable memories. We can help you design an event that is uniquely yours and tailored to celebrate you and your closest friends.