Engaging Activities for Your Next Function

Turn your guests into event photographers with an Instagram printer

Get your function trending on social media, and let your guests play photographer all night with the latest take on the photo booth. With an Instagram printer, every time a guest uploads a photo to Instagram using your function’s hashtag, they get a polaroid-style print instantly! Amplify your reach on social media and get your guests engaged all at once!

Are you holding a fundraising event? Set up a collection box by the printer and ask your guests to make a donation in exchange for their favourite prints. You can even have the photos branded with a logo, so your guests can take away a personalised reminder of your function, perfect for a brand launch or raising awareness about a charity or cause.

Spice up a silent auction with live artists

Silent auctions are a classic, unobtrusive way to raise money at a fundraiser or a charity gala, but you need things that catch people’s attention and draw them in. Gift baskets, work by local artists and spa vouchers are always a lovely treat, but they’re easy to look away from.

So make it dynamic.  Set up a few easels and organise for a local artist or two to come in and create something over the course of the evening. People can pick their favourites; circle back to see the new progress, guess what it will look like at the end of the night, and keep an eye on the bidding.

Design your own fragrance

DYI craft tables are all well and good, but it is one of the unwritten laws of the universe that anything involving glue and glitter will end with at least one ruined outfit. Take out the mess factor and try the latest trend in DIY: designing your own unique custom perfume.

A make-your-own pop up perfume bar gives your guests a chance to explore their individuality, mix with each other, and have something to take home at the end of the night.

Smell is the sense most closely linked to memory, so the savvy event organiser might even organise to have a business logo and contact details printed on the perfume bottle labels. That way, when your guests have finished their creation, they can take home a personalised, sweet-smelling token and remember you and your function every time they refresh their perfume.