The EOFY Ideas your Employees Will Love

It’s that time of year again, and no, unfortunately we’re not talking about Christmas. It’s the end of the financial and it’s time to party.

As businesses across Australia look to throw an end of financial year party for their staff or clients to celebrate smashing KPI’s and hitting targets, it’s often that the usual culprits start making app

Cocktails? Check! Party pies? Check!

Although we love the odd martini, your classic eofy party at a party function venue in Melbourne might not be everyone’s idea of a good time. From large corporate enterprises to small business’, take the time to think up some outside-of-the-box celebration ideas that’ll be fun for everyone in attendance.

Here are 3 of our favourite end of financial year party ideas that’ll help you say your goodbyes to the end of the business year in style.

A Winery or Long Lunch

Make your EOFY party one to remember for months to come, by taking your employees out of the office for a long lunch or day event out of your local area. Exploring a new location with your team will create a buzz around the occasion and definitely adds a little excitement to the event. Why not head to a restaurant like Mon Bijou for incredible views of the city? If you want to go further out, we recommend heading to the beautiful Yarra Valley, to explore everything that the scenic winery region has to offer. Our favourite has got to be Chandon. Exquisite views and even better champagne, enquire about a tasting here.

Escape Rooms

Picking a fun activity for your EOFY celebrations doesn’t always have to involve breaking the ice with tequila shots. Mix it up by heading to an escape room. They see your party ‘locked’ in a themed room or a number of rooms, and they require the team to work together to solve a puzzle in order to make their way out. Not just a brilliant way to encourage group bonding, but if you head to Trapt in the city you can even reward yourself in their underground bar.

Cooking Classes

In a city renowned for its incredible food, it’s not often we say no to going out for a delicious meal. But what if you were the one making it? A number of restaurants offer corporate cooking classes where the group are guided while cooking up a storm and can then sit down and feast on all of their hard work.

What’s not to love?

If you’re interested in hosting your end of financial year party with Melbourne’s Best Functions, simply give our team of expert event planners a call and we’ll come up with a tailored event plan to suit you. From sit down dinners with skyline views at the incredible mon Bijou to booking a booth at  Baroq House, there’s an event to suit every end of financial year or corporate party.