How to plan for dietary restrictions when planning an event

Throwing a party or event can be great fun and is a surefire way to get guests excited about the week to come. However, planning can involve a lot of work for anyone behind the scenes. When it comes to dietary restrictions in particular, you’ll want to be well versed on what people can and can’t put on their plate. 

Keep reading to learn how we manage common dietary restrictions for specialty events.  

Common dietary restrictions


Anyone following a vegetarian diet will need to steer clear of meat in any form. People may choose to eat in this way for health and moral decisions or religious beliefs. To best accommodate these needs, be sure to serve dishes that contain plenty of vegetables and fruit. Dip platters with raw veggies and yummy dips can act as a great option because it’s healthy and easy to eat. 


Vegan eaters are different to vegetarians in that they don’t consume any animal based products whatsoever. Compensate for this with plenty of nuts, legumes and plant based proteins. Vegan pizza rolls and taco cups with chili con sweet potato are always popular choices. 


A pescetarian approach to eating is the same as vegetarianism except it allows for the consumption of fish. In most cases, such guests will enjoy dairy and egg products. Our tip? Goat’s cheese, roasted corn and crab dip served alongside squid in spicy tomato sauce. 


The ketogenic diet is comprised of high fats and low carbohydrates. Basically, it is designed to force the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. Anyone following a keto diet can eat plenty of seafood, low carb veggies, avocadoes, meat and poultry. Serve some keto parmesan chicken wings and low carb mozzarella sticks to really get people in the mood to party.  


If you aspire to be a modern-day caveman or cavewoman, then the paleolithic diet is for you. This approach to food involves only eating ingredients that were available during the stone age. Think more baked buffalo cauliflower wings and less french fries to truly treat your paleo guests. 


A raw diet will consist of mostly raw veggies and unprocessed foods that don’t contain any preservatives. Usually, anyone following this eating plan will be looking to improve their overall health and wellbeing by avoiding some of the nastier additives found in cooked foods. Feel free to prepare a colourful platter of chopped veggies and a raw dip to suit this crowd. 


If you hear the term DASH then it means a Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension. In other words, attendees following this approach will be looking to lower their blood sugar levels by focusing on low-sodium foods. Foods that contain magnesium and calcium are also recommended. You can’t go wrong with plenty of fruit, grains and vegetables.    

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