How To Use Instagram Stories To Promote Your Event

If you’re a regular Instagram user (read: addicted), then you’ll no doubt know all there is to know about the popular app. What’s more, if you are leveraging this social media platform for your business, you probably know all the tricks of the trade to increase followers.

From location tagging and using the right hashtags to increase brand awareness to shouting out other accounts via @mentions, you’ve probably got it all sorted. However, do you know how to harness the power of Instagram Stories to its full ability? If not, read on. 

Why Instagram Stories are great to use for event planning

If your brand already has a following on Instagram and has been engaging with you for years, then that’s half the battle. Now, all you need to do is post engaging content on Instagram Stories to keep them coming back.

A major benefit to Instagram Stories is that when you’re mid-planning the event of the year, you or your team doesn’t have time to stop and take a photo, edit it, and then share. With IG Stories, you can just hit record and spread it around.

Another advantage is that you get to play on people’s FOMO. As Instagram Stories are only viewable within 24 hours, your visitors will keep checking back to ensure they haven’t missed anything pertaining to your event.

Finally, when you post live during an event, you are helping those who aren’t physically there to feel even more connected to your brand.

5 ways to use IG Stories to promote your event

If you’re an event planner, you’ll appreciate these five simple techniques to create awareness for your upcoming event.

  • Allow keynote speakers at your event to “takeover” your Instagram account. Get your keynote speakers to introduce themselves over IG Stories and get them to discuss why others can’t miss attending your event.
  • Create a countdown of your new product launch date. Then, tie that into sharing information about your event.
  • Treat visitors of your Instagram account to a “behind the scenes” look at the setup of your event. Backstage content is becoming even more popular, due to more people appreciating brands that show an authentic side to their business.
  • Ask attendees for feedback, but in a fun way. Using the “Poll” sticker feature, give two different options to your attendees. This is not only interactive but will also give you some insights about what your attendees want out of an event.
  • Use videos as well as photos. This will give your Instagram Story a different dynamic.

So, there you have it. Now that you’ve got your social media strategy sorted, you need an incredible location to host your event. What better place than any of Melbourne’s Best Functions venues? Call us today on (03) 8199 3733 to discuss your preferred date, time and location.